Top 5 Modern Gifts for the Bride to Be

The months leading up to the wedding day are filled with parties to honor the Bride To Be and I have created a list of 5 modern gifts to shower her with. 

5. The new Monogram- Forget towels or pillow cases the MLM Bachelorette wants a Monogrammed iPhone case.  You can personalize the style of monogram and colors to match her personality!

I am loving the selection at Lipstick Shades!

4. Coffee Table Book of their Honeymoon Destination– Just imagine a huge, glossy picture book capturing the most beautiful scenes from your honeymoon.. what could be better?

3. Maid Service– Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to relax in a spotless house without lifting a finger.  Do your friend a solid and get her a few sessions from Molly Maids

2. Couples Date Night package– I love the idea of each girl at the party giving one date night package to make up a whole year’s worth of pre-planned dates.  Maybe include movie tickets and a gift card for a local restaurant or session at the nearest Color Me Mine.  How about a couples cooking classes or even a
tour of a Micro Brewery.

1. Wine of the Month Club– Now this is the gift that keeps on giving.  Every month a new and different bottle of wine is delivered right to the couple’s door.  It will encourage them to relax and unwind together while thinking back on their wedding day.

Which would be your pick?

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