Bachelorette Kelli

Hello Beauties!! 

I am so excited to share the latest MLM Bachelorette profile.  Kelli Meckel has it all- Beauty, Brains and a Heart of Gold.  We met almost 9 years ago (OMG, that’s a long time!!) and she always has a smile on her face and a Starbucks in her hand.  
Her fiance is named Cory and they met in Kindergarten.. swoon.  She describes him as Passionate, Hilarious and Protective.  Cory asked Kelli to be his bride by wrapping her ring like any other Christmas present and surprising her on Christmas Eve.  They are planning a November 2012 wedding and her dream honeymoon would be an over-water hut in Bora Bora.  
You can catch her listening to Rhianna at the Gym or watching Golf and Football on Sundays.
Her drink of choice is a good glass of Chardonnay and that will be her last “meal” as a single lady.  She is definitely a Girl’s Night In Bachelorette.  Kelli’s must haves at her bachelorette party are her besties of course!  She wants a relaxing, mellow and low key Bachelorette Party filled with good food, strong drinks and major laughs!

Congrats Kelli!! 


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