Best Bridal Hair Combs

Hello Beauties!

The best bridal hair is soft and natural.  If you normally wear your hair down, then wear it down in loose waves or pulled back on one side.  You will feel most comfortable, meaning you will look most beautiful.  If you normally wear your hair pulled back in a low ponytail, then a soft chignon with texture will look luxurious and modern.  A jeweled comb or flower clip would easily work with both hairstyles and is easy to reposition during the night, if needed.  It is a separate piece from the veil so you can still keep that bit of magic on during the reception.  
Below are my favorite jeweled combs from various Etsy artists.  Once you enter the website search for bridal hair, bridal combs, jewel combs and a massive selection will be at your finger tips. 

Another option for a more organic look is a faux flower hair comb.  They are soft and romantic, without worry of wilting as the night goes on.  Plus, it makes a very special keepsake.  I love the assortment at Amy’s Bridal Accessories.  All of the hair combs are hand made with fine silk fabric, luxurious goose feathers and magical pieces of vintage lace.  Their jewelry is spectacular as well.
(clockwise from top left: $165, $105, $115, $172)

Will you wear a hair comb? Do you prefer the Jeweled Combs or the Flower Clips? 
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