How to Create a Wedding Registry

Hello Beauties!

Once the wedding date is set and the engagement party planning is underway, it is time to start a gift registry.  I have compiled the best tips from across the web to ensure the process is fun and relaxing for both the bride and groom.  A gift registry is important because it helps the guests feel confidant that they are giving a gift that the newlyweds will actually use and cherish. 
The Knot has a fantastic list of 26 tips to help with the registry process.  See the entire list here
 I have whittled the list down to the 
Top 10 tips that will help you create the perfect wedding registry.  
1. Take Stock
Make a list of items each of you will bring to your marital home or if you are living together what you already have.  Consider registering for casual items for everyday use, as well as more formal pieces for special occasions.  Discuss the general color scheme and feel you would like before venturing out to the stores. 
2. Look for Perks
Many retailers offer special promotion pricing on items that aren’t bought from the registry.  It is often called a completion program and you could receive up to 10-15% off any items not purchased for up to one year after the wedding date. 

3. Do It Together
Registering for gifts you both enjoy is important to a harmonious home.  Go through each section together or divide- Him in electronics, You in linens- and conquer. 
4. Sign up for Storage Items
Don’t forget to sign up for the storage your new pieces will need.  For example, you will want lined felt rolls for your beautiful silverware set to prevent scratches, dings and tarnishing.

5. Choose More than One Spot
One store is not enough and 10 is too many.  A good rule of thumb is 2-4 stores in various price ranges.  Another suggestion is to use one store for bedding, one for china, one for electronics, etc.  This will help you stay organized and not register for multiples at different stores.
6. Let your Guests Know
It is inappropriate to flat-out tell your guests to buy you a gift, so it can be a tricky subject.  It is perfectly fine for the hosts of the bridal shower or engagement party to advise guests where you are registered.  Also, the registry details can be listed on the Wedding Website.
7. Guide the Gift Giving
A good point to keep in mind when you first register is to sign up for products you really want or need, like your china. Then as the items on your checklist start to dwindle, add more. That way you won’t be stuck with a gravy boat, when instead you really need those extra salad plates.

8. Know Your Guests
Be sure to have a wide array of items in all different price ranges.  Everything from formal china settings for your older, more traditional relatives to funky art pieces and inexpensive gizmos for your college room mates. 

9. Weekend Update
Two weekends before the wedding day check in on the registry and add more items in each price range for guests to have as many options as possible.

10. Be gracious
Thank you notes are so important.  Be sure to send thank you notes for the gifts received before the wedding day within two weeks.  All notes should be sent out no later than one month after returning from your honeymoon.

Now that you have a Wedding Registry game plan. 

the next question is… 

Where To Register? 

Real Simple outlines the Top 10 best stores to register for your 

Wedding.  Their list includes: Online vs. In-store, Return Policy, 

Length of Time the Registry is Active After the Wedding Date, 

Discounts, Most Popular Items at that particular Store, and Perks
What Items are Must Haves on your Registry?? Which Stores will make the Registry List? 

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