Easter Celebration

Hello Beauties

Easter is this Sunday and I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by! This was always one of my favorite holidays because we would personalize our eggs, hide carrots for the Easter bunny and wear a fabulous new dress.  My mother would hide a basket for me and my sister with the most amazing Mr. Sketch markers and a notebook with the most delicious carmel popcorn bunny.  We would make spinach dip then go visit with my aunts and cousins.

This year I will coordinating a good friends wedding so it will definitely be a celebration!  I have rounded up my favorite decor elements and tablescapes.  Find even more Easter inspiration on Pintrest!

A basket full of gilded eggs is magical

My mother's spinach dip would be amazing in that bunny

Carrots that look like they were just pulled from the ground make the perfect centerpiece

Beautiful inspiration for an Easter party

Some my favorite party food is a large selection of salads.  I love Italian style pasta salad, with roasted red peppers, olives, and basil pesto.  A huge garden salad filled with veggies and a juicy, fresh fruit salad are delicious, healthy options.  For refreshments, I love drinking white wine spritzers (so retro!).  I mix a light white wine (sav blanc or pinot grigio) with some Diet Sprite and a splash of fruit juice.  You can always freeze the juice and just throw a few cubes in your glass for fun.

What are your Easter traditions?  How will you be celebrating this year? 

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