Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Beauties

I am so humbled to announce that HoneyAubrey chose me as one of her picks for the Versatile Blogger Award!  The award is a fun way to let everyone know who your favorite blogs are and I seriously couldn’t believe it when Honey told me I made her list.

HoneyAubrey has a great blog dedicated to all things fabulous.  She is not only a beauty living the Aloha lifestyle but she is also a philanthropist.  In 2012, Honey launched the non-profit organization, Fashion with a Mission, which helps provides clothing to orphaned children around the globe.  Be sure to check out her blog- Love, Honey today!

My Picks for the Versatile Blogger Award

1. HoneyAubrey

2. Veronika’s Blushing

3. Ranting’s of an Amateur Chef 

4. Pizzazzerie

5. Sterling Style

6. A.Co est. 1984

7. J’s Everyday Fashion

8. Fabulously Ridiculous

9. Charlotte’s Fancy

10. Bloom Designs

11. Dear Lillie

12. The Sweetest Occasion

Seven Little known Facts About Me

1. I am deathly afraid of heights.  Like, had to be calmed down by my 8 year old cousin while riding the ferris wheel at the fair, scared.

2. I want to live on cruise ships once I retire.  I have cruised to Mexico, the Bahamas and throughout Europe.

3. I have never lived outside of Southern California.  I love that I live where people around the world go to for vacation!

4. I am a huge Hockey fan.  Nothing beats going to a LA Kings game!

5. I love Astrology and I love being a Virgo

6. My first job was hosting children’s birthday parties at Mulligan Family Fun Center in Murrieta, CA

7. My all time favorite book is Mists of Avalon.  It is the story of King Arthur from a female perspective – The Lady of the Lake

Thank you for the nomination!!

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2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thank you Melissa! I really appreciate you recognizing Fashion With A Mission. I can’t thank you enough. Oh if only you were in Hawaii, I think we’d make great friends 🙂


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