How to Choose a Veil

Hello Beauties

After reading my story, Bridal Gowns for Beginners, and choosing your perfect dress, it is time to choose the perfect veil.  There are a variety of veils that will work with many dress styles.  There aren’t many rules, just choose what you feel most beautiful wearing. 

Waltz: Falls between knees and ankles.  Perfect length for dancing!

Double Tier: 2 layers normally 2 lengths.  The double tier gives the veil a fullness.

Elbow Length: Falls to the bride’s elbow, approximately 25 inches from the head-piece.

Chapel: Falls to the floor, can be worn with many styles- Ball Gown, Mermaid, Trumpet


Veil, Wedding, Blusher

Short single layer of tulle that is worn over the face during the ceremony. It is often removable for the reception and should be free of any edging or bead work.


Veil, Cathedral, Wedding

The longest veil available. It measure 3 1/2 yards from the headpiece. Looks beautiful in formal settings with a variety of gown styles.

Fingertip Length

Falls to the brides fingertips. The most popular veil style and can be worn with any dress style. The veil shown also has a satin edge.


Multi-layered and falls fall to the bride's shoulders. A less formal option and it looks great with a tea length gown.


Multi-layered veil that gathers on top of the head. It has a very full appearance and can be worn with a variety of gown styles.


Long, circular lace trimmed veil. No blusher is worn with this style. It looks great with gowns that have lace details or with mermaid and column gown styles.

Edges can be beaded, trimmed with a satin cord or ribbon.  An edge with no embellishment is called an invisible edge and it seems to disappear in photos.

What type of veil did you choose? Do you have any questions on what type of veil would work with your gown? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments! 

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