Signature Cocktail: Girls Night Out

Hello Beauties

It is Friday and that means Girls Night Out!  I will be hitting the town with my girlfriends to celebrate 2 birthdays this evening.  With our jobs, relationships and kids, our girl’s nights aren’t every weekend like they were in college, but when everyone gets together it is well worth the wait. 

First stop is my girlfriend’s townhouse for appetizers, cocktails and giggles.  Then it is off to Tantalum in Long Beach, CA for dinner at 9pm.  Tantalum is a sexy restaurant right on the water and it feels like you are on an exotic vacation while there.  It is a great venue and would work well for engagement parties and bridal showers.

The entryway and lounge area at Tantalum Restaurant in Long Beach, CA

It seems like everyone I know has a go-to cocktail.  I love a fresh, crisp glass of white wine when socializing.  I always want to try the new and exciting, specialty cocktail but it is often too strong for my tastes. 

What is your signature cocktail?  Do you usually order a beer or try something different each time?


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