Modern Anniversary Gift Guide

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I just celebrated my five-year anniversary with my darling boyfriend and I had the most difficult time figuring out the perfect gift to mark our milestone.  Choosing an anniversary gift can be a stressful situation but I have compiled a list of the traditional gifts given on each year to use as an inspiration, plus my modern take on each of them.

Modern Gifts for the Happy Couple

(Photo Source: Style Me Pretty)

Year                               Traditional Gift                    Modern Presentation

First                                          Paper                                                Plane Tickets

Second                                    Cotton                                       Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Third                                      Leather                                        Hand Bound Journal

Fourth                             Fruit and Flowers                     Gardening Service for a Year

Fifth                                         Wood                                       Patio or Deck refinishing

Sixth                                          Iron                                                      Golf Clubs

Seventh                                   Copper                                         Kitchen Pots and Pans

EightH                                       Bronze                                           Decorative Wall Art

Ninth                                      Pottery                                  D ate Night at “Color Me Mine” 

Tenth                                         Tin                                            Exotic Tea and Coffee Tins

Eleventh                                   Steel                                  New Stainless Steel Appliances

Twelfth                                      Silk                                                 Hermes Scarf or Tie

Thirteenth                               Lace                                             Italian Lace Table Cloth

Fourteenth                              Ivory                                              Baby Grand Piano

Fifteenth                                Crystal                                    Colorful Swarovski Earrings

Twentieth                               China                                         Cruise up the Yangtze River

Twenty-Fifth                          Silver                                           New Car Painted Silver

Thirtieth                                   Pearl                                Trip to Hawaii and Pearl Harbor

Thirty-Fifth                             Coral                    Scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef

Fortieth                                     Ruby                                     See Wicked on Broadway

Forty-Fifth                             Sapphire                                Peach Sapphire Necklace

Fiftieth                                       Gold                                            Rose Gold Bangles

Fifty-Fifth                              Emerald                        Weekend Stay in Emerald Isle, NC

Sixtieth                                   Diamond                               A Giant Diamond Ring

Do you have any Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas?  What is your favorite anniversary gift you ever received?


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