Build a Library Baby Shower

Hello Beauties

Reading has been my favorite hobby since I was a small child.  My mother would read to me every night and as I got older I continued to read every day.  I remember going to Target after school to get the latest Goosebumps, then stay up all night long with a little book lamp just to talk about it the next day with my girlfriends.  To me, reading was better then watching a movie because I got to decide how the actors would sound, what costumes they wore and create the scenery of the story. (I wanted to be the producer, director, writer and actor of every story in my head)

I know my love of reading was nurtured at a very young age so I thought a Build a Library Baby Shower would be the perfect way to share that love of reading with my future baby . (Yes, I sit around and dream about parties that I may/ or may not have in the future.)  There is really great inspiration out there for a Library Shower, with my favorite on Amelie’s House.  She originally published the story for  her child’s birthday party but so many of the elements could work for a baby shower, as well. 

A Wreath made from book pages welcomes guests

A Library Checkout Card serves as the Invitation

Use Book Pages for the Food Presentation Wrap Pages Around Drink Bottles and make Cones for the Snacks

Create a Pinata made out of Book Pages Or Leave it empty and use as Decor

Use Children's Books as elements on the Dessert Table

A Stack of books make the Cake the centerpiece of the dessert table

After the Party the lucky baby will have one stocked Library!

I would have the guest’s sign the inside cover of a children’s book to act as the guest book.  It would be even more special if it was a book the mother read as a child.  An engraved bookmark would make a great favor as well.  What were your favorite books as a child?  Do you have any other ideas for a Build a Library Baby Shower?  I  would love to hear your thoughts!


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