The Sexiest Wedding Hair: Bardot Inspired


Hello Beauties

Long layers with wispy bangs inspired by Bridget Bardot will make any bride feel like a sexy, little minx without offending any of her guests.  This style is wonderful for warm and humid weather because it will just get better as time goes by.  You want it to look a little messy for an effortless look.

Chic low bun with volume

If you would like to try out the voluminous look on your own, there are just a few steps to remember. 

  • First, Starting at your forehead hairline, take a two-inch section of your hair.  Flip that forward to work on later.
  • Next grab the section of hair right behind the first section.  Hold it straight up and lightly mist with hairspray.  I use Tresseme (green and black bottle).
  • Now, take a teasing brush, teasing comb, or hairbrush and start brushing your hair toward your scalp.
  • Keep teasing sections of hair.  Don’t be afraid to get it big, it will get reduced as time goes on.
  • Now flip back the original section (it should still be smooth).  Start to lightly brush the top layer over the teased sections, shaping as you go around your head.
  • Shake your head while it is upside down to get the stiffness out.  You want it to look tousled and imperfect.
  • At this point you can leave it down, put it half-up with a clip or do a side braid.

Half-up Style that will get sexier as the night goes on

Face framing layers are soft and romantic

A thick side braid is a Modern style

Epitome of Sexy, Effortless Style

Are you inspired by Bridget Bardot’s effortless and sexy style? 


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