The Best Edible Favor: Macaroons

Hello Beauties

Every event should have a favor for the guests to take with them as a thank you for making the party enjoyable.  It can be a simple handwritten note at their place-setting or (my favorite) a delicious snack to savor on the ride home.

Macroons can be found in every color

My favorite favors are edible and my absolute favorite of all is a box of colorful and delicious macaroons (or macaron in French).  The crispy shell and the flavorful center are just magical in flavors like, raspberry, pistachio or even rose.  These delightful, almond based cookies originated in France but can now be purchased at many local bakeries.  My favorite shop, ‘lette (formerly Paulette’s) even offers overnight shipping.

Colorful Macaroon Tower

The chic cookie has a long history but for me the story begins in France, in a little bakery called, Laduree.  This world-famous bakery was founded in 1862 and continues to bake fresh Macarons in their shop each morning.  The shop celebrates each season with a new and exciting flavor combination, this season is Strawberry Candy.

Laduree Menu

There are so many colors available that it should quite easy to choose cookies in your color palette as guest favors.  I love wrapping them in a clear bag or box so that you can admire them before ripping the package open and devouring.

Three mini macaroons in a clear bag

Two Macaroons stacked in a modern gift box

Another option is having a buffet of macaroons so that the guest can try a lot of different flavors before choosing their own favorite.  These cookies are a crowd pleaser and would be wonderful favors at weddings, showers and birthday parties!

Have you ever had a Macaroon (Macaron)?  What are your favorite flavors? Is the Macaroon the new “It Dessert”? 


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