Book Review: Amy Atlas Sweet Designs

Hello Beauties

I am back from the most relaxing vacation.  I took a long weekend to unplug and get some much-needed R&R.  On the first night of my time off, I received Amy Atlas’ book, Sweet Design, from the UPS man.  I had been waiting to get my hands on it ever since I pre-ordered with Amazon. 

I was lucky enough to indulge my inner crafting goddess by reading 5 books total over my vacation: Amy Atlas- Sweet Designs; Handmade Weddings-Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle and Shauna Faust; The DIY Bride- Khris Cochran; Push-up Pops, Courtney Dial Whitmore; Simply Divine Lisa Vanderpump.  I will begin a series of book reviews so stay tuned for these and new reviews each week.

Amy Atlas, Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft it, Style it

Amy Atals- Sweet Designs: Bake it, Craft it, Style it

This book is quite massive at 375 pages.  It has chapter after chapter filled with ideas for creating tablescapes.  The majority of the designs focus on the sweets table but a little imagination can inspire ideas for the whole party.  There are fourteen chapters that focus on a specific theme, such as Game Night (Ch.8), Pastel Pretty (Ch. 5), Honey, I Love you (Ch.7), and Vineyard Afternoon (Ch.12).  

Each chapter provides Amy’s initial inspiration for the tablescape, a Bake It section with a recipe for each home-made dessert featured, a Craft It section explaining how to create the DIY elements of the table (runners, backdrops, favor bags, etc) and a Style It section which explains how to pull everything together (use all ruffled elements, for example).  Plus, it offers ways to switch it up by making the beverages more adult or advising of a different color scheme that would work equally as well.  It also has advice on what to purchase pre-made (candies, cakes, decorations, etc.).  This book is a must have for anyone that loves bringing a wow factor to everyday events.

Vineyard Afternoon

Pastel Pretty

Amy Atlas includes a lot of great tips for creating a tablescape that is pleasing to the eye.  For example, use different heights and sizes for the vessels on the table.  Put the tallest containers in the back of the table so that it is easy for everyone to grab their treat.  Also, when styling your sweets table, be sure to use a few different textures to create an exciting experience.  For example, use light fluffy cotton candy, crystalized rock candy and gummy bears for the candy.  Then use, a textured table-cloth with a DIY streamer and pom backdrop. 


Amy Atlas hits it out of the park with her first book, Sweet Designs.  It is an instant classic and a must have for anyone that entertains in their home. 

 Have you picked up your copy of Sweet Designs?  What are your favorite chapters?


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