Martha Stewart: Stationery A-Z

Hello Beauties

The invitation is the first impression your guests will have and it will set the tone for the entire event.  There is an endless selection of styles and techniques to choose from and the opportunity to make a statement should not be overlooked. 

Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2012

Martha Stewart Weddings (Spring 2012) featured an amazing guide that describes Stationery A-Z.  Their comprehensive guide will help you navigate the traditional techniques and latest trends to ensure you choose the perfect reflection of your personality.  Be sure to grab the latest issue of MSW (before it gets pulled for the summer edition) to see the full a-z list.


Add Ons: A typical wedding stationery suite will include an invitation, reply card, and envelopes for both. Any extras like a reception card, custom map or itinerary are considered add-ons and will be an additional cost.


Backer: Add a patterned card stock to the back of the invitation to add some color and interest.


Calligraphy: Fancy lettering done by hand.  Each suite can be done individually or the calligrapher can do one master copy and have reproductions made, which is a cost effective approach to a high end style.


Deckled Edge: A feathery, natural and unfinished effect.

Deckle Edge


Embossing: A printing technique in which a 3-D design is created when a piece of paper is pressed between two heated molds.

Embossing via Piccolo Press


Foil: Thin sheets of metallic paper to give a luxurious, reflective design.

Gold Foil


Gilded Edges: A rim of metallic ink or foil around the edge for a formal look.

Gold and Silver edge


Letterpress: Plates of raised type are inked and then stamped into thick cotton paper. It is a luxurious choice but an ambitious bride can find some great DIY kits for less than half the price.

Letterpress with a Calligraphy style font


Postage: For most invitations a 45-cent stamp won’t be enough.  Weigh a completed invitation at the post office so you will know how much postage you will need for each suite.


Thermography: A surprisingly inexpensive printing style where is ink is applied, then dusted with power and heated.  The powder liquefies and then hardens creating a raised surface.



Wax Seal: A few drops of wax that is pressed with a metal stamp.  I especially love a monogram seal.

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