Summer Style: Pellegrino Picnic

Hello Beauties

A picnic is quintessential summer dining and I love packing a basket full of snacks to take to the park.  I will bring along a selection of appetizers, drinks and games and have a leisurely afternoon with my boyfriend or visiting relatives.  The most important element needed is a blanket big enough for everyone to comfortably lay on.  I like to bring a tray to use as a stable surface for drinks and any glass bottles (water or wine).

Summertime Picnic at the Park

Don’t forget to pack your games

Sparkling water taste better in a glass goblet with a squeeze of lime

Bottles of Pellegrino and salted cashews

Relaxing day at the park

Bring fruit punch in a plastic carafe

Forks, straws and napkins get stuffed into a mason jar for easy access

Snack on Crabcakes and Spinach Fritattas during a game of Dominos

A small wooden container doubles as a pedestal and trash can

MLM Worldwide Event Planning

I styled this picnic for a lazy day at the park for myself and a girlfriend that just announced her pregnancy.  I used the Pellegrino bottle as my color inspiration since we would be toasting the mommy-to-be with the sparkling water.  I enjoy creating events for 2 to 200 and I can help you create a Modern, Luxurious and Magical event within your set budget.  Please contact me to schedule a free consultation!

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