Entertaining for Two: Weeknight Game Day

Hello Beauties

Entertaining for Two is my brand new series that will share recipes and entertaining ideas for smaller groups.  Setting a unique table display or trying a new recipe is a great way to make everyday dinners feel like a special occasion.  I love planning big events but also enjoy creating quieter special events where it is often just my boyfriend and myself.  I am going to share my personal recipes and advise on creating a modern, luxurious and magical event of any size.

Go Kings Go

Todays Entertaining For Two will have a “Game Day” theme.  I am a huge hockey fan and have been having a great time watching the L.A. Kings battle for the Stanley Cup.  I haven’t been able to attend a live game this play-off season so I decided to throw a Game Day Party for Two in my own living room.  Since the game is mid-week, I wanted make something that is healthy, quick and easy.  I decided on a Veggie Quesadilla platter and the recipe is below.

Veggie Quesadilla

1 sm. zuchinni, sliced

1 sm. yellow squash, sliced

2-4 whole wheat tortillas (soft taco size)

1 cup shredded cheese

2-3 sprays of Pam

1 tp of Grill Mates spicy seasoning

1 Avocado, sliced

1. Shred cheese and set aside.  I normally use low fat Pepper Jack or Monterry Jack, but you could also use Cheddar, Swiss or even Goat Cheese.

2. Slice the zuchinni and squash into medallians about a quater-inch thick.  Then slice the rounds to create half-moon shaped veggies.

3. Spray the pan with a coat of Pam and saute the veggies over medium heat tossing every few mintues to soften.  Add the Grill Mates seasoning and stir to coat.  You can leave the veggies on the stove for as little or long as you like.  I prefer my vegtables more on the firm side, so I will saute about 5-8 minutes.  Set aside.

Saute veggies over medium heat

4. Use a clean pan to warm the tortilla.  Flip 4 times every 30 seconds to warm both sides equally.

5. Once the tortilla is warmed on both sides,sprinkle a small amount of the cheese over the entire opened tortilla.  This is help melt the cheese evenly creating a gooey envelope of yummyness.

6. Add the veggies and avocado to one side of the tortilla.   Once you have all of your topping in, fold over the half with just melted cheese.

7. Remove from heat and slice in 3 sections.  I love to top mine with Tapatio but you can use any type of salsa or even sour cream.

veggie quesadilla with hot sauce

This recipe is awesome because you can add a thousand different ingredients to create exciting flavor combos, like goat cheese and pear or grilled onions, chicken and bbq sauce.  Also, if you prefer more meat just get a mini chicken from the grocer’s deli and shred.

If you are expecting a larger crowd, you can set up an assembly line and make a large batch fairly quickly.  Or you can set up the toppings in a bar and let your guests choose their own.

All decked out with the Ice Girls behind me

Good Luck to the LA Kings!! Let’s bring the Cup to Los Angeles!


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