Ask Missy: Can I have a shower for my second baby?

Hello Beauties

I’m back with another installment of “Ask Missy”.  I love to hear your questions and also your feedback on the advice I give.  Let me know if you agree or if you have another suggestion!

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Dear Missy,

I recently announced to my friends and family that I am expecting my second child.  Everyone has been so overjoyed with the news and I couldn’t be happier.  My husband and I have been trying to have a second baby for a few years now, so when I told my girlfriends they jumped into party planning mode.  Once I let them know it was a baby girl, we have been planning the most fun, girly, pink shower I could ever want (we all have sons).  While visiting with my mother-in-law, I let her know about the shower and asked if there was anyone she would like to invite.  Well, she let me know how rude it is to throw a second shower and that I shouldn’t be so gift grabby!  I hid my disappointment, agreed with her and said I would cancel the party but I really don’t want to (and neither do my friends).  So, my question is should I cancel the party because it is tacky to have shower for your second child?  If I do have the party should I invite my mother-in-law or just never mention it around her? 

Signed, Disappointed in Pink

Dear Disappointed,

Well, congratulations on your new bundle of joy!  It has been considered rude in the past (like back in the day, when women went to college to find a husband) to have a baby shower every time you are expecting but it really is a little bit dated and old-fashioned to think this way.  Your girlfriends are just excited for you and want to celebrate which is really sweet.  I definitely think you should have your girly, pink shower.  I would also send an invitation to your mother-in-law (hiding bits of your life would be far too tiresome) and I have a feeling she will bring the fluffiest, frilliest, pinkest gift of all.  Another idea is to have everyone bring an unwrapped toy to donate to a local shelter or hospital.

If you really don’t want to rock the boat you could always have a “Sip and See” party after the baby is born.  All of the women could get together to sip some sweet tea while cooing over your beautiful, baby girl.

xo, Missy

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