Top 5: Modern Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

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The rehearsal dinner is a great event to let your personality as a couple shine.  Traditionally the groom’s family would host the dinner held after the wedding ceremony rehearsal and the wedding party, parents and out-of-town guests are usually invited.

Share your love of the game with your guests and have your rehearsal at the local ball park


I love when the rehearsal dinner balances the style of the wedding.  For example, if the wedding is a formal, seated dinner, then have a tapas style party that serves Spanish appetizers to showcase where the couple got engaged.  Or if the wedding will be a casual, backyard bbq then, have an elegant dinner at an Italian restaurant the couple went to on their first date.  Letting your guests know more about who you and your soon-to-be spouse are will make the wedding day feel even more special.

Here are my Top 5 Ways to have a modern rehearsal dinner

1. Share your hobbies: If you and your soon-to-be-hubby love going to the opera, then have dinner at a restaurant that has strolling opera singers.  Try L’Opera in Long Beach, Ca for authentic Roman cuisine and beautiful sopranos singing love songs in Italian.

2. Invite everyone to your favorite local spot: Take your family and wedding party to the little taco shack that you visit after work.  A casual venue is a nice relief from the stuffy party planned for the next night.  Taco Surf has three Southern California locations that would be perfect.

3. Honor your Home Town: Show off your roots and invite everyone to a home town brewery that makes their own craft beers.  Stone Brewing World in Escondido, CA has 32 craft and specialty beers on tap with delicious comfort food.

4. Be a Kid Again: Did you play softball growing up or was your fiance a basketball star?  Have your rehearsal dinner at a baseball game or rent a suite at the closest arena for a Basketball game.  You can have a custom menu or treat everyone to a hotdog and soda.  You can also have personalized t-shirts made that shows who’s on Team Bride or Team Groom.

5.  Indulge your sweet tooth: If your guest list is small then host the rehearsal dinner at your house with a variety of homemade and bakery treats.  Include krispie treats, cookies, pie, cheesecake and ice cream for a nice variety.  Be sure to have a variety of wine and champagne to complement the desserts.  Sweet Lady Jane is a Los Angeles institution and they have 2 shops filled with the most delectable treats (Melrose Ave location and Santa Monica location).

The rehearsal dinner is going to be a smaller, more intimate crowd then your wedding so you are able to really let your guests see your personality as a couple.  Be sure to make time for toasts that you won’t be able to get to on your wedding day and don’t forget to hand out the gifts to your parents and wedding party.

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