Book Review: Handmade Weddings

Hello Beauties

The first step of wedding planning is to gather your inspiration.   l love looking through magazines and books to find a beautiful color palette or object to use as the event inspiration.  My latest addition to my inspiration library is Handmade Weddings by Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle and Shauna Faust.

Handmade Weddings

The book is a collaboration between the amazing ladies at Hello!Lucky and Shana Faust where they bring together all of the details that will make your wedding personalized, handcrafted and memorable.  There are six chapters and each one begins with a long list of details to get your creative juices flowing. Then, they explain how to put it all together.  On top of that, there are projects that will make your day truly special.


Retro Homespun

Girly Romantic

Happy Graphic

Organic Minimal

Modern Classic


One of my favorite chapters is Modern Classic.  The authors describe this event as “Simple and Chic: Modern and classic weddings draw from iconic sources of inspiration, from Coco Chanel to Kate Spade.  Clean lines, classic patterns, and crisp colors interact to create a tailored, timeless look.”

Modern Classic

The palette for a Modern Classic wedding would be black, white, pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow and just a hint of fuchsia.  The five elements you would need to put it all together: 1. Tailored floral arrangements, 2. Custom Monogram, 3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired attire, 4. Elegant Party Rentals (Chiavari Chairs and crisp linens), and 5. Classic Cocktails

An Easy Silhouette Project

I definitely recommend adding Handmade Weddings to your library.  The chapters give specific ideas on how to bring an event full circle.  I believe handcrafted details are the easiest way to personalize your wedding and have a memorable event.

Contact MLM Event Design at if you are looking for an event planner that specializes in  creating personalized, handcrafted weddings! 


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