Trend Alert: Wish Lanterns

Hello Beauties

A wonderful new trend at weddings are romantic Wish Lanterns.  Once the sun sets you and your wedding guests can meet outside and release warm wishes for the newly weds into the night sky.  The lanterns without wire supports are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

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The sky lanterns were first invented by the Chinese military and was the prototype for modern hot air balloons.  Festivals in China, Taiwan and Thailand now use the lanterns to bring good luck by symbolically releasing their worries  away.

To make your own wish lantern release memorable have your guests write their positive sentiments for the new couple on the lanterns before releasing.  Another way to have a unique photo opportunity is to invite your bridal party and close family to release the lanterns at the stroke of midnight.

Also, please be sure to contact your local fire department to be sure the lanterns are approved in your city and county.

Where to purchase your own Wish Lanterns: The Sky Lantern, Think Geek , and Amazon


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