Animal Style: Top Tips for Having Your Pet in Your Wedding

Hello Beauties

Having your beloved pet with you on your wedding day would be a special memory for any bride and groom and today I am sharing my top tips for having your pet in your wedding.

Photo via Dottie Photography

Photo via Dottie Photography

1. Select One Pet Handler for the Whole Day

Pick someone who your pet is familiar with and will obey to be in charge of your special little guy (or girl) on your big day.  This person can be in your wedding party but definitely doesn’t need to be.  They will be responsible for calming your pet if they get too excited or overly aggressive, so they should be able to handle a larger animal if necessary.  If they aren’t in the wedding party, you can ask them to wear a coordinating outfit, especially if they walk your pet down the aisle.

2. Create a Designated Area For the Ceremony and Reception

Create a space for your pet with a few familiar toys or even their bed so that they can feel comfortable in a new environment.  If they get unruly your pet handler can take them to this space away from your guests to let them calm down.  If your ceremony and reception is in the same location one area is fine, but if you will be moving locations be sure to scout out the perfect spot before hand.

3. Confirm the Pet Policy with Your Venue

Be sure to speak with your venue to ensure that pets are even allowed on site.  Many venues have strict pet policies that don’t allow any animals, except for service dogs.  I highly recommend getting the approval in writing and added to your contract so that there aren’t any miscommunications on your wedding day.

4. Practice Before Your Wedding Day

Start training your pet to walk down the aisle and sit still for the length of your ceremony.  You should also include the person that will be handling your pet on the wedding day in the training sessions.  You can also have a professional obedience trainer help out if you have any concerns about proper training techniques.

5. Include your Pet in the Photo Session Only

If you know your pet can’t keep still for a long period of time or your guests wouldn’t be uncomfortable with the situation consider including your pet in the photo session only.  This works great if you do a “First Look” and take all of your photos before the ceremony because you can have some take the pet back to your home or another safe location once the session is over.

Are you incorporating your pets into your wedding day?  Leave me a comment and let me know how you plan on working out the details!


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