Bridal Trends: Eco Friendly Weddings

Hello Beauties

Earth Day is next Monday, April 22, and I love the idea of incorporating eco-friendly elements into your wedding day.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to go green without having a hippy-dippy granola fest.

1. Plantable Place Cards:  Use these adorable cards from Wiley Valentine as your place cards or even thank you notes after the wedding.  Your guests can then plant the card and watch an assortment of blooms grow before their eyes.  Each card has instructions on the back for a fool-proof way to get the most flowers out of each card.

via Wiley Valentine

2. Choose Local (and Organic): It is always best to choose vendors that are local for everything from your flowers to your food.  When there is less traveling done, there are fewer emissions so it is not only benefiting small businesses in your community but you are lowering your wedding’s carbon footprint.  Plus, the farm-to-table trend is huge right now and would allow your caterer to use the freshest, most in-season ingredients possible.

via Nestle

3. Heirloom Jewelery and Attire:  Using an heirloom that has been in the family for generations is not only eco-friendly but also meaningful.  If you aren’t able to reuse a family heirloom look to find a vintage gown and rings to wear on your wedding day.  Another reason many couples are looking for vintage jewelery is to ensure they are not part of the blood diamond trade.

Antique, Engagement Ring, Wedding, Wedding Planning

via Wonder Rings

How are you going green on your wedding day? 



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