Top 5 Ways to Honor Your Mother At Your Wedding

Hello Beauties

Mother’s Day is this weekend and I have been thinking of special ways to make my mom feel appreciated.  My mom has been such an amazing influence to me, always encouraging me to do my best and understanding me, even when I am not sure I even understand myself.  She has always respected my space and need to feel independent, which I am so thankful for! This led me to think of ways to make my client’s mothers feel special on your wedding day.  Here are my top 5 ways to honor your mother on your big day!

My sweet mother, Barbara, with her cute corgi, Delilah

1. Something Borrowed: Wear a Piece from your Mother’s wedding day ensemble on your big day.  You can choose to wear her veil, restructure her dress into a more modern shape or just sew a piece of lace from her petticoat over your heart.   You could also use a piece of fabric from her dress as a wrap around your bridal bouquet.

2. Ceremony Participation: Have each mother read a selection during the ceremony.  It could be a religious piece or a poem that has special meaning to you.  Whatever she chooses to read will be a special moment for everyone in attendance.

3. Present your Bouquet to your Mother: Instead of the traditional bouquet toss, give her the flowers in front of everyone.  Your dad has his special moment while walking you down the aisle so you can give your mom an unexpected, special moment as the evening comes to a close.

4.  Share her famous treats: Use your mother’s famous treat recipe at the dessert bar.  Give her recipe to your caterer to see if they would be willing to replicate it or see if your venue would allow them to be brought in fresh from her oven.  If she doesn’t mind, add a little recipe card to the table for guests to grab.

5. Honor her Memory: If your mother has passed it would be nice to remember her during the ceremony by placing a flower on a reserved chair in the front row or sharing a special message in the program.  A small gesture will go a long way with those who were closest to her.

How are you honoring your mother on your wedding day?  Share with us in the comments, I love to hear new ideas! 


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