Jennifer & Erwin Proposal Video : Mosaiq Studios

Hello Beauties

Every love story has a beginning, first dates, first kiss, meeting the in-laws but the story starts to get really good when you are so deeply in-love that you decide to take on the world together and become engaged.  Now imagine having that magical time in your life, documented and made into a totally awesome film!

That is exactly what my clients, Jennifer & Erwin of Mosaiq Studios did.  They took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Fiji and it was there they swam in crystal blue waters, danced the night away and zipped through the rain forest.  Both of them knew they would live happily ever after together but when Erwin got down on one knee on the beautiful Fiji beach at sunset it sealed the deal.

This couple is all set to tie the knot this September and planning is in full swing, so it is so awesome to see how they started their journey.  They work in demanding careers and have always enjoyed film making so they decided to begin filming wedding and special events as a passion project.  That’s the thing about them, they are truly passionate and it shows in their films.  Be sure to check out their awesome site – Mosaiq Studios – for some videos that will make you pull out the tissues.

Visit Mosaiq Studios if you are in need of excellent film making services for your wedding day!


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