MLM Event Design: My Rebranding Journey Part I

Hello Beauties

Before I go into my RE-branding journey, I guess I should start with the original branding story, the MLM back story. 

The story of how my business came to be is a pretty straight path.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a few bumps along the way but it has been slow and steady.  As a little girl, I would look through my mother’s fashion magazines every month and I always loved when the bridal issue was released.  I would sketch wedding dresses in my spiral notebook and dream up fantastical (and sometimes corny) themed events.  I fell in love with Martha Stewart first, then learned about the fabulous Mindy Weiss, Preston Bailey and most recently (my new wedding design crush) Lisa Vorce.

I planned any event I could from class elections in middle school to pep rally’s in high school.  During college, I planned events for my sorority sisters, worked in a bridal salon selling wedding gowns and headed fundraising committees for my favorite non-profits.  I knew I had the organization savvy and creative design needed to be a wedding planner but always thought it was a fairytale that wouldn’t allow me to support myself in the real world- I can be super cynical and such a realist at times, so that was me trying to be the “responsible adult”.  I took a corporate job doing passionless work while still dreaming of a career in the wedding industry.

To keep my creative side sane, I decided to start a blog on wedding planning tips and trends.  I knew that it was most important to create content (little tidbit I learned from Martha) to drive traffic to my site so I began cranking out articles.  At this time, I also started writing my business plan.  I knew from my college business classes that a plan was a crucial must for a successful business so I began piecing the plan together, little by little.  I would sit and rewrite sections until they were just right.  I started thinking of pricing and packages, consulted lawyers to determine what business model would be best for my long term growth and then it came time to think about branding.  I wanted my brand to be all about me (narcissistic, I know, lol) so I started with the concept of my monogram- MLM and that is where everything really started to come together.

I wanted something elegant and classy, while looking professional and no-nonsense.  I researched other brands and the psychology of color.  I was going back and forth between a few different designs and directions until one day I just followed my instincts and settled on my core brand color statement- Black and White, Emerald and Gold.  I thought it looked expensive and sophisticated.  I created a logo with a laurel wreath (a play on my middle name Lauren) and ordered my business cards!  Woo hoo, I was officially a business woman.


My Current Logo

Soon after I had received my business cards, I got a call from a very dear friend and old neighbor.  She was stressed because she has trying to turn her engagement party into the actual wedding because of an unexpected illness in her family.  She had just about 7 weeks to pull EVERYTHING together.  Talk about a sign from The Lord above!  I asked her if I could step in as her planner and she couldn’t believe the luck of it all herself (she had no idea I was brainstorming a wedding planning business and was just calling for my new address, to send the invite).  We quickly got to work and I helped pull her day together and she was UNDER budget!  Everything went so great and I am happy that my first job under my new brand went as well as it did.  That gave me the confidence to keep pushing and working harder.

Check back in on Wednesday August 28 for MLM Event Design: Re-branding Journey Part II

I am starting a new series on my re-branding journey and would love to hear your thoughts along the way!  I am usually all business with tips and trends and have not really shared much of my back story since I am a private person by nature, but I wanted to let you all know a little more about me and MLM Event Design.  I will continue this series every other Wednesday, So come on this journey with me!  


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