Ask Missy: Venue Walk Through

Hello Beauties

It’s time for another installment of Ask Missy and I have a great question all about the venue walk through.

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Dear Missy,

We have selected our venue and have a final walk through scheduled for next week.  We choose to have our wedding at a hotel in the area that caters to many weddings a year but we want to be sure we are asking the correct questions. Do you have a set of questions that you take to a final walk through appointment?


Soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Hello Mr. and Mrs.,

The final venue walk through will usually happen 2-4 weeks before the wedding date and is a great time to go over all of the loose ends with the venue contact, usually the Event Sales Manager or Catering Sales Manager.  The venue contact will be able to provide information regarding set up times, noise level requirements, power sources and what exactly will be provided by the venue.  I provide a worksheet to my new clients that has questions to ask potential venues while in the planning stages to help make side-by-side comparisons but it is always best to have your wedding coordinator at the final walk through to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Here is a list of the typical questions I would ask during the final venue walk through:

1. What is the Load In time? How early can the other vendors arrive to begin setting up?

2. Are there any other events in the space earlier in the day?

3. Where are the power sources located?  Will we need any additional power for lighting, DJ, Photobooth?

4. Where do the vendors park to unload?

5. What are the noise requirements?  Will the DJ need to stay below a specific decibel?

6. Where are the guest restrooms?

7. What is the emergency evacuation plan?

8. Are there any fire restrictions?  Are we able to release floating lanterns? Or have sparklers?

9. Do we have access to easels? And what color are they?

10. Do we have access to table number holders? And what color are they?

11. What is the table size and shape?  Are linens included and what color are they?

12. Are plates, serve ware, utensils, glasses included?  If we have an outside caterer as well?

13. Is there parking on site? Cost?

14. Will there be directional signs for guests leading them to the event space?

15. When can we deliver welcome bags for the guests checking into the hotel?

16. Can we use the refrigeration system for our cake, beverages, food?

This is just a sampling of the questions I may ask during a final walk through.  I would also tailor my questions to the needs of my specific clients.  Perhaps, they are having an outside caterer, so any food questions would go to that vendor.  Or perhaps the ceremony and reception is at one location, so I may have more questions about turning over the space or transitioning the guests from one space to another.

Your venue may have a coordinator assigned to your event but remember that they will only be responsible for the hotel staff and their duties.  it is still very important to have a coordinator that will be the main point of contact for all of your wedding day vendors, family and friends.

Be sure to contact me for an initial consultation if you are planning your wedding in the Southern California area!  Email me at or give me a call at (310) 465-7969


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