MLM Event Design: My Rebranding Journey Part 2

Hello Beauties

A few weeks ago I shared the beginning of my story and the journey to my re-brand and I’m excited to continue sharing my journey with you guys! So, we left off just as I finished my first wedding under my new business, MLM Worldwide, LLC.

Thuy and Hollie Custom Popcorn Bar | MLM Event Design

The custom gourmet popcorn bar I designed for the first wedding under the MLM brand

I began joining professional groups and attending trade shows to network and learn from established people in the industry.  I also began setting up all of my social media accounts and review sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wedding Wire.  I began making friends with photographers, djs and other vendors and found a really supportive group to connect with.

Over the next year, I began gaining clients and everything has been going smoothly but I was ready to take my brand and business to the next level.  I signed up for Sage Wedding Pro’s A Simple Plan workshop, thinking this would be a great way to get answers to the questions I had.

I attended the workshop and really began to define what my core values are as well as my mission statement.  I also got some of the best business advice yet, which was not to spend a dime on any ads or brand materials (business cards, flyers, etc) until you invest in working with a professional on your logo and materials.

I decided that my next big business purchase would be a brand rehab.  I made 2 Pinterest boards to help flush out my ideas.  The first was navy and hot pink with nautical touches such as an anchor and stripes.  I have always loved nautical and thought the anchor was a great component to my logo, since it signifies hope.  I envisioned a preppy, classic logo and brand that was also a nod to the Southern California beaches I grew up on and live near now.

MLM Event Design Rebranding Journey

The second board was staying true to the original brand I designed.  It was Black and White with Emerald green and gold accents.  I had Hollywood regency in mind, as well as incorporating a honey bee into the design since Melissa means honey bee in Greek.  I loved my slogan- Modern. Luxurious. Magical. and I thought that this color scheme added to that really well.

MLM Event Design Rebranding Journey

After a lot of thought and a lengthy discussion with my trusty confidant in the industry (shout out to Trish G. Parrish) I finally made the decision on my branding!  Stay tuned for Part 3 to see what direction I decided to move forward with.

What brand message to you like better?  The Navy and Pink/ Preppy Nautical style or Black, White, Green and Gold/ Glam style?  I would love to hear your thoughts on what is Modern, Luxurious and Magical to you!


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