MLM Event Design: Rebranding Journey Part 3: Core Values

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My rebranding journey is still moving along and before I revel which direction I went in, I wanted to share my newly established core values to give you better insight into what the MLM brand is all about.  During my time at The Simple Plan Workshop, Michelle and Kelly (from the amazing Sage Wedding Pros) had us answer a series of questions about our selves and our companies and I am surprised at how much I have benefited from this exercise.  Defining MLM’s Core Values has made me focus on what is most important to me and what will make my business thrive for the long haul.

Jay nd grooms men at soco

Photo by Kevin Le Vu

MLM Event Design’s 5 Core Values

  1. Customer Service: Learning the needs, wants and expectations of my clients and then producing results promptly is the single most important thing that I can do to ensure a great event
  2. Passion for Creativity: Trying new design ideas is why I fell in love with event planning as a little girl and I love having clients that are willing to push the boundaries
  3. Ability to Stay Calm and Problem Solve: Sometimes I feel like a Mallard floating across the lake looking perfectly cool, calm and collected above the water but I am just kicking furiously below the water.  I plan and plan and plan before the big day but sometimes you just need to stay mellow and go with the flow, while thinking quickly on your feet
  4. Organization and Attention to Detail: I have always been a lover of lists so I use this passion for keeping my clients organized throughout the entire planning and design process.  Staying organized is an integral part of this business and it allows me to make sure every detail is accounted for
  5. Positive Attitude: I keep a smile on my face and a positive outlook during each and every worse case scenario because negative nancy’s are contagious and “Ain’t no one got time for that!”

I love reading over my core values every few days to help keep me on track by remembering what is most important to me and my company.  It can be so easy to get sidetracked while working on design projects or while networking at industry events but it is my number one priority to take the stress and worry out of each clients heart and I know these core values do just that!

There are exciting changes coming to the MLM brand so stay tuned for those announcements! 

Check back on Wednesday September 25 for more on my rebranding journey


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