Top Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Hello Beauties

Planning a friend’s bachelorette party can seem daunting but I have some great tips on how to plan a fun, stress free weekend.  I recently had the honor of being a bride’s maid in a dear friends wedding, so that means I also got to be a part of the bachelorette party!

Top Tips for Planning A Bachelorette Party | MLM Event Design

All the Girls getting ready to take a Limo ride to Thunder Down Under

Here are my Top Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

1. Decide on the details early on

One or two girls will most likely step up to lead the planning, so if you would like to have a decision making role then be sure to speak up now.  We had a group of 10 girls and a few got together to plan the details and dole out responsibilities.  Each girl contributed to the trip and by dividing up all of the responsibilites it allowed everyone to relax.  We decided on a long weekend in Las Vegas, with 2 rooms at The Cosmopolitan, a night at Marquee and Thunder Down Under.

2. Reach out to any connections in the town you are visiting

Luckily we have a friend that now works at The Cosmo so he was able to help us get everything organized. especially getting into Marquee Nightclub on Friday and then The Dayclub on Saturday.  Be sure to reach out to anyone you know that works in the nightlife industry because I’m sure they would be happy to help show a group of beautiful women a good time.

3. Divide the Responsibilities 

Having just a few things to be responsible for made everyone feel much more relaxed.  One person wasn’t running around trying to manage all of the details.  What worked for my girlfriends was this: We had 2 car loads driving up to Vegas.  One car (without the bride) left earlier and they were responsible for decorating and setting up the room.  Some girls brought decorated, fun wine glasses, another made cute gift baskets for everyone, some girls brought alcohol and snacks, while others, planned the activities and prizes.

4. Stay Together

Our group of 10 girls stayed together for the entire weekend (for the most part: Confession, I had a killer hangover on Day #2 and took a nap while everyone was at the Day Club).  We all walked around the casino together (playing a hilarious scavenger hunt game), got ready together and headed out for the night together.   If any girls wanted to leave the nightclub early, we would always stay in a pack.

5. Leave room in your schedule

The best part of the weekend was that we had a few activities organized but we also left a lot of space in the itinerary for surprises.  We drove into town on Friday afternoon and once everyone arrived we popped the bubbly and got ready to walk around the casino.  We had a super fun scavenger hunt game that started once we left Orange County so all of the girls wanted to get their photos and videos (stay tuned for the details!).  Once we had a bite to eat (half the group ate a quick dinner at the hotel and others got room service because it takes them much longer to get ready) we started the pre-party!  We had table service at Marquee and we dance the night away.  The next day we went to Marquee Day Club, snacked, got room service and started getting ready for Thunder Down Under.  Once we hopped into a Limo (much easier/ faster than a taxi for a large group) we made our way down The Strip.  The show was fun and then we headed over to XS to meet up with some people we met earlier in the day.  We danced the night away and then headed home early the next day.  We had a few things planned and paid for in advance but left some wiggle room.

Other Tips:

  • Purchase your tickets to any shows (Thunder Down Under and Chippindales are fun) and be sure to get the VIP table if it is important for the bride to get on stage
  • Take a Limo or Party Bus if you are in a large crowd.  You will only pay about $5 per person (including tip) and there isn’t a huge line to wait in
  • Contact a VIP Host at the club you want to go to and see what the options are.  The tables right on the dance floor are the most expensive so you might get a deal at a table in a secondary room (I personally loved the Hip Hop room at Marquee)
  • Bring Snacks and Bottles of Water (especially if you are driving) because sometimes you just need to get something in your stomach and stay hydrated
  • Make Sure the Bride has something fun to wear each day and night- Make her a Tiara and Veil, Give her a Blinky Necklace, Have a Custom Sash made that let’s everyone know she is the bride
  • Take lots of pics at the beginning of the evening when everyone is still sober(isn) and then put away phones for the night – No Proof of the shenanigans is necessary
  • Have a few playlists created so that the jams will be bumping all weekend.  And be sure to bring a portable speaker system
  • Stay True to the Bride’s wishes- If she absolutely does not want penises everywhere then don’t have them, if she wants to have a relaxing day at the spa instead of a dance party at the Day Club then get your cucumber on those eyes.. whatever the bride wants goes!

What are your tips for a fun bachelorette party?  Let me hear your experiences below! 


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