Ask Missy: First Look

Hello Beauties

I have a great Ask Missy for you today and it is all about the First Look debate.  On one side there is the traditionalist and the on the other is the practical modern view.  See which side I’m on below!

Photo: Lin & Jirsa

Photo: Lin & Jirsa

Dear Missy,

I am getting married in a few months and I starting to outline the timeline of the day.  As we are putting the pieces together we are realizing that taking photos before the ceremony might be the most efficient use of time.  I always envisioned myself seeing my groom for the first time as I walked down the aisle but I have to admit it does make the most sense to incorporate a first look into the timeline and complete bridal party photos before the ceremony.  My fiancé will go with the flow but I am torn on which decision to make!  What do you think I should do, be traditional and don’t see the groom before the ceremony or incorporate a first look moment into our day?

Please help!


Well, this is a question I have asked myself many times.  I see both sides of this issue because I love old-fashioned traditions as much as the next romantic but I do understand the importance of a tight-time efficient timeline on your wedding day.  In my personal opinion I think that waiting to see your husband is perfect if you have an early ceremony scheduled with a large gap of time until the reception.  If you are having a sunset or evening ceremony with the cocktail hour and reception immediately following, then I highly recommend incorporating a First Look moment earlier in the day.  You can then get all of the bridal party photos over with at that point.  After the ceremony, you would only need to take a few formal photos with the families before enjoying the party.

I think the First Look is quickly becoming a modern tradition that will continue to grow in popularity.  Each of my brides that has incorporated a first look has not regretted it.  In fact, they said seeing their groom earlier in the day, calmed their nerves and created a priceless photo opportunity.  Then, when they walked down the aisle, it was more exciting and joyous because they released their anxiety when they hugged their soon-to-be husband.

Please come back and let us all know what you decided!

Which side of the First Look debate are you on?


2 thoughts on “Ask Missy: First Look

  1. we had a first look and i’m glad we did. it was still just as emotional seeing him down the aisle. really emotional times two (first look + aisle). plus, with all the research i did, it’s not really tradition to not see the groom before the wedding. it used to be considered bad luck if it was an arranged marriage and the guy didn’t like what he saw. i think we’re safe now!

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