MLM Year in Review: Best of 2013

Hello Beauties

2013 has come and gone and I am so excited for 2014!  I have already coordinated my first wedding of the new year (you already saw their engagement session here and details from the big day will be up soon)  so I’m happy to be off and running.  The past year was definitely a transition period for me and I felt frustrated many times thinking about all of the things I wanted to change about my life but, looking back I needed that time to grow and develop, inside and out, in order to be ready for those changes I wanted so badly.  This new year is going to be one for the record books (I just have a feeling about this one) because I finally feel content on the path I’m on, I’m focused and driven and I can’t wait to share it with you along the way!

So, here are my Best Moments from 2013!

Best Decision:  Moving to Orange County

MLM Event Design | 2013 in Review

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I grew up in South Riverside County and moved to Long Beach right after graduation to attend CSULB, from there I began working near LAX and eventually moved to Los Angeles once my boyfriend started law school.  I was working in an industry that I wasn’t passionate about but was really stable and I had nice coworkers so it was hard to just leave that behind and follow my dreams.  Once law school wrapped up we had to make the decision on where to plant our roots, and we decided to make the move to Orange County.  Best decision ever.. I became super healthy (see below), I got a job in the wedding industry (see below) and my own business goals were being met above and beyond!  I love Southern California and could really be happy anywhere south of Santa Barbara but I am loving the OC Lifestyle.

Best Day Job:  Wiley Valentine

So, at the beginning of the year I had already launched my business (MLM Worldwide, LLC) and had big plans to conquer the event planning world.  I knew that I would need to work a day job while I designed and coordinated weddings at nights and on weekends but I really wanted to transition to a job in the wedding industry.  Once we made the decision to move to Orange County, I knew this would be my opportunity.  I found an announcement on Think Splendid (one of my favorite wedding business statistic sites) for an Office Manager position at Wiley Valentine, a small wedding invitation graphic design company.. Perfect!!  It took a few interviews to finally land the job and I transitioned seamlessly from my big corporate job to the small, girlie, fabulous design studio.  My bosses are so inspirational (professionally and personally) and the other ladies I work with are the bee’s knees (like, rollerblading, George Michael Sing-off, Bachelor recaps, kind of amazing).

Best Wedding Faire for the Modern Couple: The Cream Event

MLM Event Design | Year in Review

Working at Wiley Valentine provides a lot of perks and one of them is invites to the hottest wedding industry events. It’s usually my 2 bosses doing the rounds but every so often I get thrown a bone and this time it was 2 free tickets to the hottest wedding event of the year!  It was last-minute and I called my (newly engaged) girlfriend Tina to drive up to Downtown LA to check out the cool kids of the wedding planning industry.  There were AMAZING table settings and installations at every turn, fabulous food and an amazing dance party to end the night.  I loved Minted & Vintage’s area where all of her beautiful dessert stands took center stage, Jesi Haack’s epic seating card display was a unique take on the string art trend and of course, Found and all of the amazing pieces they lent for the event. Definitely worth the money and I can’t wait to go again this year!

Best Unexpected Moment: Jay and Kelly’s Garter Toss

Kelly and Jay garter strip tease

The groom had mentioned he wanted to garter toss to happen right after the bouquet toss and to give him a mic as he took the dance floor.  I had walked in on him and his groom’ men earlier in the evening practicing some kind of routine but wasn’t really sure what they had up their (rip-off) sleeves but it was such a fun moment when he took the stage and began ripping of his shirt while giving the unexpecting bride a good-humored lap dance.  It was more silly than provocative and everyone went wild, cheering him on until all of the guys went diving for the garter at the end.

Best Business Decision: The Simple Plan Workshop

I had been following the Sage Wedding Pro’s blog for a long while and knew their Simple Plan Workshop would be a great way for me to get my business plan organized.  They typically travel around the country and I couldn’t justify spending money on airfare, hotel plus the actual workshop, so I knew I had to jump at the opportunity when they emailed me to see if I would be interested in a Los Angeles workshop… YES!!  I booked my spot right away.  I actually scored an early bird discount so I splurged on a hotel room so I wouldn’t have to drive 2 hours in traffic each way 2 days in a row.  It was there that I defined my 5 core values and also made invaluable friendships, plus meeting Michelle and Kelly was awesome!

Best Use of Color: Jennifer and Erwin’s Bridal Party

Erwin & Jenn | Lin & Jirsa Photography | MLM Event Design | Hyatt Irvine

I actually met Jennifer and Erwin through Jay and Kelly (their garter moment is above), so I knew their wedding was going to be a blast.  Jennifer had a vision of vibrant, hot pink accents in a bright white room.  The girls wore hot pink organza mermaid gowns with bold gold jewelry, which matched perfectly with the custom, ruffled linens on all of the reception tables.  Plus add the dynamic lighting from TMM Pro and the reception was festive and fun the whole night through.

Best Lifestyle Change: MLM Healthy

After moving to Orange County, I bought a gym membership and made the commitment to get my lazy butt in shape.  I started taking indoor cycle 3 times a week at 5:30am.  I began to feel much better (and much lighter). I also began lifting weights and taking supplements to help promote fat loss and muscle building.  Changing my lifestyle wasn’t easy but it was necessary and now I can’t believe I wasn’t always a gym freak.  It feels so great to sweat and I love seeing the results as time goes on.  I’m down 20 pounds since my first step in the gym last January and I have a goal of another 20 this year.  Follow me on my healthy living journey and share your own experiences over on MLM Healthy!

Best Wedding I didn’t Plan: Brooke and Gandhi’s Big Day 

Brooke & Gandhi

On Christmas Day 2012 my bestie from college got engaged to the sweetest guy and I knew she was going to have a beautiful wedding day.  She has a long list of life-long friends so I knew there were a lot of girls she could choose to stand by her side, but I was so overjoyed when she asked me to be a part of her bridal party.  I had never been on the “other” side of the bridal party, actually enjoying the festivities as a guest and not being on duty all evening.  I chose the most beautiful one shoulder, chiffon gown and had my hair (thanks Carrie!)  and make-up done, so I felt beautiful, inside and out that evening.  The bride and groom looked gorgeous, of course, and the bridesmaid’s dance routine went off without a hitch when Britney’s Work played at the reception.  Oh I can’t forget the after party at the local dive bar.. gown’s, flowers, tuxedos and all!

So those were my best moments of 2013 and I know only more memories will be made in 2014!

If you are planning a wedding this year be sure to email me at or call me at (310) 465-7969 to schedule a consultation    


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