Ask Missy: The Guest List

Hello Beauties

I have a new installment of Ask Missy on this beautiful Monday morning and it is a tricky one.  Let me know what you think and how you would handle this situation.  Also, be sure to send over your wedding planning questions and I will be sure to include it in a future installment.

Who Gets An Invite?  via Style Me Pretty

Who Gets An Invite?
via Style Me Pretty

Dear Missy,

My fiancé and myself are extremely social people with multiple circles of friends and a lot of family living nearby.  We are planning a fairly large summer wedding this year and whenever we are out on the town people are asking when they can expect to receive their invite.  Most of the time it is people that we really do want to invite so we can just laugh it off but a few people have asked that didn’t quite make the list.  I get nervous in uncomfortable situations so I just smiled and said they should see it soon.  Well, I’m not sure what to do now.  Should I just forget that ever happened and keep them off the list or suck it up and send them an invite?

Sincerely, Guest List Drama


Well, this is quite the conundrum.  I do think it is extremely forward and rude, quite frankly, for a person to even ask if they are being invited to someone’s wedding.  So, I could see why you would feel awkwardly put on the spot.  I have to be honest, I would have most likely reacted in the same way you did, just smiling and nodding until it was safe to escape.  I think that you are going to have to suck it up and send them an invite, especially if you will see them frequently around town – but definitely NOT a plus one.  If you are having a fairly large wedding all ready and it only happened once or twice, I think it is the most polite way to handle the situation.  I may have a different opinion if it was a intimate dinner party for 25 of your closest family members though.  All in all, just use it as a learning experience and try to be more direct with people in the future.

xo, Missy

What do you think of my advice?  How would you handle this situation?  

Send your questions to and I will answer in my next Ask Missy


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