5 Modern Welcome Bag Ideas

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Welcome bags are a great way to start the wedding weekend off on a high note.  They tell your guests hello and thank you for being there, while providing much needed information or a yummy snack after a long flight.  Modern couples are planning weekend long getaways to places that are special to their relationships, so the welcome bag is gaining steam in the gotta have it category.  The contents can tell a story and introduce your guests to a place they may have never been or if it’s their hometown, they help to bring back the nostalgia to when they were much younger.

Wedding Welcome Bag courtesy of Brides

Wedding Welcome Bag courtesy of Brides

Here are my 5 picks for fun, modern welcome bags

1. Are you with the Bride or Groom?

If your families are large and meeting for the first time over your wedding weekend, then slip a button or badge in each bag for them to wear that says if they know the bride or the groom.  This will help people identify other guests around town and will be a great ice-breaker.  By the time the reception rolls around everyone will recognize one another and feel comfortable grooving on the dance floor.

2. Candy Crush

Are you and your sweetie addicted to sweets?  Then be sure to include all of your favorites to give your guests a taste of your treats of choice.  If you love to go to the movies together then include an assortment of Peanut M&Ms, Sourpatch Kids and Red Vines or if you love rich, dark chocolate and red wine, include a selection of unique artisan flavors, such as sea salt caramel or cacao.

3. #OhSnap

Tuck a fun Instagram scavenger hunt list into your welcome bags and have a blast looking through all of the great shots from friends and family while on your honeymoon.  Be sure to include the official wedding hashtag (#veiswedding14 or #TinanadTyaretherealdeal) and list moments to capture, like the bridesmaids hugging it out or the groom and father of the bride sharing a drink.  You can even have the DJ announce a winner at the reception.

4. Adventure Time

Include tickets for a fun, bonding activity leading up to the ceremony.  If you are on a tropical island plan a charter boat tour or if you are in a snowy local organize an old-school sledding for the morning of the big day.  You can even include a custom towel or mitten set for everyone to use, plus it is another opportunity to highlight your wedding weekend color scheme. 

5. Hangover Kit

If you are really trying to find something unique to give your guests then consider waiting until the last night they are there and have a “Hangover Kit” delivered to their room while they are dancing the night away at the reception.  You can include aspirin, Gator-Aid, and a few hearty snacks like whole wheat crackers, fruit and cheese.  Also, be sure that a custom do not disturb sign is left on the door knob so that they party guests can sleep in the next morning!

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Are you planning a Wedding Weekend?  What types of items will you include in your Welcome Bags?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below or email me at mlmworldwidellc@gmail.com


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