Wedding Stationery: RSVP Tracker

Hello Beauties

We have gone over the wedding stationery basics, where to purchase and postage tips, and now I want to share my tips for tracking the RSVPs.  Getting a confirmation back from your guests can be frustrating but that stress is easily relieved with just a little pre-planning and organization.

RSVP Tracker | MLM Event Design

The first step to getting the RSVPs organized is creating one main spreadsheet to keep all of the important information.  My RSVP tracker actually helps organize the guest list before the invitations are even ordered.  The task of compiling each guests address is difficult so, the sooner you get started the better, this is especially necessary if you are sending envelopes out to a calligrapher.

RSVP Tracker | MLM Event Design

One the very top line I will enter the due date I listed on the RSVP and the actual wedding date.  In the next row, I enter the description for each column.  I begin with the information the calligrapher will need so that I can copy and past into the format they prefer and send it over without all of the other details they don’t need.  The Recipient section should be the formal title that you want listed on the outer-most envelope.  Next is the street address, city, state and zip code.  I then include a section for the individual guest name  and their table number.  This helps to confirm their meal selection and also makes it easy to provide these 2 columns to the calligrapher for the escort cards and place cards.

RSVP Tracker | MLM Event DesignNext up, I input the date the actual invite was sent and once I receive the response back, I input an x in the yes or no column, for each guest invited.  If you included meal selection on your RSVP, then input the choices here.  You may need to confirm who prefers which selection if it isn’t clear on the response.

Including the shower details is very helpful because it keeps you accountable on sending the Thank You notes out in a timely manner.  I also include the rehearsal information to keep a guest count for this event in order to confirm with the restaurant and hosts.  I recently added a VIP column so that I can keep track of the who’s who at the event.    Once the wedding day is over, enter the gift and confirm once the final thank you card is sent.   It is also very helpful to include the guests phone number and email, just in case you don’t receive the response back timely or if you need clarification on anything.

If the thought of compiling this information and keeping track of the details makes you feel nauseous, contact MLM Event Design for a consultation because I love taking the stress of your shoulders during the planning process!

I’d love to hear from you!  Leave any RSVP questions you may have below in the comments section.




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