About Melissa Lauren Marghella: I am the owner of MLM Event Design and I specialize in creating upscale, hand-crafted details that showcase the personality of the modern couple on their wedding day.  I have been designing events for over 10 years and launched MLM Event Design in 2012.  I am a Southern California girl with a perfectionist’s eye for detail so I am able to infuse my laid back personality into the planning process to create a calm environment while handling each piece of the puzzle behind the scenes.  My clients are busy but creative professionals that have a million things on their plate already, so they come to me to help them create the biggest day of their lives so far.  

MODERN:  I am a traditional girl living in a modern world and I love to take conventional wedding elements and turn them on their head.  Wether it is creating a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony or taking the wedding favor a step farther by creating gifting suites for your guests, I meld together the past and present into a memorable event for all of your loved ones.

LUXURIOUS: There is nothing more luxurious than time and that is exactly what I am able to provide to you and your VIPs.  My clients are busy juggling promising careers, philanthropic endeavors and their busy social calendars but, they still want an event of a lifetime where each one of their guests feels comfortable and relaxed.  I handle the time-consuming details so they are present in the moment, sharing their big day with those closest to them.

MAGICAL: Each event I design has hidden elements of magic infused in every corner so that guest interaction is high and the memories made will be talked about for years to come.  It isn’t about showing off to your guests, it is all about thanking them for being a part of your life and showing that appreciation in thoughtful touches.

OMG, I’m Kinda Obsessed

Yogurtland, 90’s Hip-Hop, Fashion Magazines, Indoor Cycle and Pilates, Refurbishing Vintage Furniture, Charcuterie, Classic Rock on Vinyl, Bad Reality TV, Rose Gold, Swimming in the Pacific Ocean, Babies, Puppies and Paper Crafting

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