Brooke’s Seaside Bridal Shower

Hello Beauties This past weekend, my very dear friend, Brooke, was celebrated at her bridal shower!  I met Brooke 10 years ago during our freshman year of college and I am so excited to be a part of her wedding … Continue reading

Color Inspiration: Mint & Peach

Hello Beauties

Mint and Peach gowns and table decor

MInt & Peach is the perfect color combination for your late spring/ early summer wedding (or bridal shower or even baby nursery) because it is soft and romantic.  You can incorporate the colors into a variety of styles, such as vintage garden or modern beach.  Another great thing about this color combination is that you can incorporate both silver and gold finishes, since peach is warm and mint has cooler undertones.

Attach a small envelope of peach confetti to programs

Ditch the traditional buffet and have a food truck cater your wedding.

Choose a refreshing Peach Rum punch for the signature cocktail at the reception

Mint & Peach Inspiration

An amazing mint green bridesmaids gown

Use peach wIldflowers for natural bouquets and centerpieces

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Ask Missy: Who should plan the shower?

Hello Beauties

I often get asked wedding etiquette questions and I love helping people solve their problems by mixing traditional wisdom with modern solutions.  In the past, the rules were very strict when it came to the proper way of handling the events surrounding the wedding day but for today’s bride, I like to think of them more as guidelines.  It is more important to make things as easy and relaxed as possible than follow a set of rigid rules.  I will share  the questions I get asked in a new series called, Ask Missy.  Be sure to send in the questions you need answered!

Does the maid of honor plan the bridal shower?

Dear Missy,

I have a close group of girlfriends and I made the difficult decision of picking my maid of honor.  She lives out-of-state and it has been hard to get her involved with the planning of the showers, going bridesmaid dress shopping and just being a support system before I walk down the aisle.  She is flying in for the bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas but I was expecting her to plan the bridal shower too.  When I mentioned this to her, we got into an argument and now I am contemplating her maid of honor status.  How should I approach this subject without ruining our friendship for good?

Sincerely, Missing my BFF

Hello Missing,

I can understand why you are feeling exasperated with your maid of honor but you have to try to be understanding of her situation too.  She may be struggling financially to fly back and forth to your events, plus buy the ultra glam dress and accessories for your big day and may be too embarrassed to come out and say that.  In the past, the maid of honor was responsible for planning and hosting the bridal shower but now it is not uncommon for the bride’s mother, aunt’s or even future mother-in-law to host the bridal shower.  The most important thing to stay focused on is the love your friends and families have for each other.  The details of who planned what party will be forgotten as the years go on, but the laughter and pleasant memories will linger for a lifetime.  Have a private Skype session with your bestie and let her know that you understand why she can’t fly to your state multiple times and that you are so excited for the amazing bachelorette party she has planned for you.  Then let her mom and your mom (who are also besties) plan the most amazing shower a girl could ever ask for.. and who knows she may just make a surprise appearance when you least expect it.

xo, MLM

Do you have an etiquette question and just aren’t sure how to handle it?  

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Signature Cocktail: Girls Night Out

Hello Beauties

It is Friday and that means Girls Night Out!  I will be hitting the town with my girlfriends to celebrate 2 birthdays this evening.  With our jobs, relationships and kids, our girl’s nights aren’t every weekend like they were in college, but when everyone gets together it is well worth the wait. 

First stop is my girlfriend’s townhouse for appetizers, cocktails and giggles.  Then it is off to Tantalum in Long Beach, CA for dinner at 9pm.  Tantalum is a sexy restaurant right on the water and it feels like you are on an exotic vacation while there.  It is a great venue and would work well for engagement parties and bridal showers.

The entryway and lounge area at Tantalum Restaurant in Long Beach, CA

It seems like everyone I know has a go-to cocktail.  I love a fresh, crisp glass of white wine when socializing.  I always want to try the new and exciting, specialty cocktail but it is often too strong for my tastes. 

What is your signature cocktail?  Do you usually order a beer or try something different each time?

Custom Banner Giveaway!

Hello Beauties!

I am so excited to announce my very first Giveaway!! Yes that’s right, you have the chance to win a Customized Banner in any color, shape, theme that you want.  I love creating handmade, paper banners for all of my events and I will create a custom banner for one lucky reader.  You can use the banners as decor in a child’s room, in your classroom if you are a teacher, in wedding pictures, as a decor element at your next party or as seasonal decor in your home!!

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So, in other words each comment will count as an entry.  There are 5 potential entries per person. Be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win. I will randomly choose a winner on Monday April 9, 2012!

Wonderful examples of Banners on Pinterest

I can create anything you can imagine!


Modern Bridal Shower for the Gourmet Bride

Hello Beauties!

I love designing bridal showers because all of the most important women in a Bride’s life come together to share their wisdom for a happy marriage.  The bride is given advice on how to keep up with housework, ways to resolve arguments and easy dinner ideas.  

Learning how to cook to suit you and your future husband’s lifestyle is so important and A Gourmet Recipe Shower is a modern take on the traditional kitchen shower.  Who wouldn’t love going out to Zagat rated restaurant every night, but that just isn’t realistic with work and eventually children.  Hosting a Gourmet Recipe shower for the Bride will help get her ready to wow even the most work week weary husband.  

Invitations can include a kitchen utensil or a mini cutting board.  Be sure to include the customary details (when, where, rsvp) and also include the gourmet potluck recipe request.  Ask each guest to bring a gourmet appetizer or dessert along with the recipe.  All of the recipe’s will be gathered and placed into a notebook for the bride to take home as a keepsake.  I  know I love to participate in a potluck but if you think your guests would be offended, then just request them to bring along their favorite gourmet recipe.

The table decor can incorporate kitchen utensils into the flower displays and centerpieces.  It is a fun way to incorporate the foodie theme, while also allowing the bride to take as a gift.  I personally love to use the Kitchenaid products.  The spatulas, spoons, peelers, etc are so durable and they come in the brightest colors!  If you do go with the KitchenAid centerpieces don’t forget to display the bride’s piece de resistance… The KitchenAid mixer!  
A great game for a Gourmet Shower is an Exotic Taste test.  One of my favorite Top Chef quickfire challenges is where each chef must do a blind taste test on exotic fruit, spices, chutney and vegetables.  The shower can also incorporate a game with 10-15 different ingredients set up on a table and each guest is encouraged to taste test.  Once everyone has a chance to sample the offerings, the correct answers are tallied and the winner is announced!  A lovely gift basket filled with amazing products for the guests own kitchen would make a wonderful prize.
A table with a beautiful Gourmet Cook Book would make a unique guest book.  Each guest can sign next to their favorite recipe or add their own well wishes on the inside cover.  Near the Guest Book table would be the delicious favors.  A petite jar of rosemary infused sea salt would be a luxurious DIY project.  All you would need to do is insert three to four small sprigs of rosemary (any herb would work) into a glass jar before filling with sea salt.  Let them sit in a cool dark place for a few days before the party.  
Gourmet Potluck Recipe

If you do decide to incorporate a potluck element into the party I would recommend dividing everyone up into appetizer or dessert.  Then the hostess can provide the main course.  One of my absolute favorite recipes for a potluck is a Crescent Wreath.  You can fill the wreath with any fillings to accommodate any dietary needs. 
By: Jane NachboeTastefully SImple
Crescent roll wreath

½ lb. mild Italian bulk sausage
3 Tbsp. Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto Mix
1 cup shredded colby Jack cheese
½ cup chopped fresh broccoli
¾ (10.75 oz.) can cream of mushroom soup
¾ cup chopped red and green bell pepper
2 (8 oz.) tubes refrigerated crescent rolls

Brown first 2 ingredients in medium skillet until sausage is no longer
pink; add next 4 ingredients. Unroll and separate crescent rolls into
triangles; arrange crescent rolls with wide ends completely
overlapping in a wreath shape on large baking pan. Spoon sausage mixture over wide ends of crescent rolls; roll pointed ends and tuck under wide ends, leaving filling visible. Bake at 375° for 20-25 minutes. Makes 8-10 servings.

Would you want a Gourmet Shower?  What is your go-to Gourmet Recipe for weeknight meals?