Christina & Tyler’s Engagement Party

Hello Beauties Today, I have the most adorable, boho-vintage-romantic-chic engagement party for you lovelies!  One of my very best friend from college is getting married next year (I’ll be the coordinator, of course!) and her bridesmaids threw her the most … Continue reading

Mardi Gras Inspiration: Second Line Parade

Hello Beauties Mardi Gras is quickly approaching and I have always loved the tradition of a Second Line Parade.  This is when the Bride and Groom lead their guests (and even strangers) down the street in a raucous celebration.  There … Continue reading

Ask Missy: How to Incorporate Philanthropy Into Our Wedding

Hello Beauties I have the latest installment of Ask Missy today.  It is a question regarding something that is close to my heart- Philanthropy!  Please feel free to send in your questions to MLMWorldwideLLC [at] gmail [dot] com.  I love … Continue reading

Color Inspiration: Mint & Peach

Hello Beauties

Mint and Peach gowns and table decor

MInt & Peach is the perfect color combination for your late spring/ early summer wedding (or bridal shower or even baby nursery) because it is soft and romantic.  You can incorporate the colors into a variety of styles, such as vintage garden or modern beach.  Another great thing about this color combination is that you can incorporate both silver and gold finishes, since peach is warm and mint has cooler undertones.

Attach a small envelope of peach confetti to programs

Ditch the traditional buffet and have a food truck cater your wedding.

Choose a refreshing Peach Rum punch for the signature cocktail at the reception

Mint & Peach Inspiration

An amazing mint green bridesmaids gown

Use peach wIldflowers for natural bouquets and centerpieces

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Ask Missy: Who should plan the shower?

Hello Beauties

I often get asked wedding etiquette questions and I love helping people solve their problems by mixing traditional wisdom with modern solutions.  In the past, the rules were very strict when it came to the proper way of handling the events surrounding the wedding day but for today’s bride, I like to think of them more as guidelines.  It is more important to make things as easy and relaxed as possible than follow a set of rigid rules.  I will share  the questions I get asked in a new series called, Ask Missy.  Be sure to send in the questions you need answered!

Does the maid of honor plan the bridal shower?

Dear Missy,

I have a close group of girlfriends and I made the difficult decision of picking my maid of honor.  She lives out-of-state and it has been hard to get her involved with the planning of the showers, going bridesmaid dress shopping and just being a support system before I walk down the aisle.  She is flying in for the bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas but I was expecting her to plan the bridal shower too.  When I mentioned this to her, we got into an argument and now I am contemplating her maid of honor status.  How should I approach this subject without ruining our friendship for good?

Sincerely, Missing my BFF

Hello Missing,

I can understand why you are feeling exasperated with your maid of honor but you have to try to be understanding of her situation too.  She may be struggling financially to fly back and forth to your events, plus buy the ultra glam dress and accessories for your big day and may be too embarrassed to come out and say that.  In the past, the maid of honor was responsible for planning and hosting the bridal shower but now it is not uncommon for the bride’s mother, aunt’s or even future mother-in-law to host the bridal shower.  The most important thing to stay focused on is the love your friends and families have for each other.  The details of who planned what party will be forgotten as the years go on, but the laughter and pleasant memories will linger for a lifetime.  Have a private Skype session with your bestie and let her know that you understand why she can’t fly to your state multiple times and that you are so excited for the amazing bachelorette party she has planned for you.  Then let her mom and your mom (who are also besties) plan the most amazing shower a girl could ever ask for.. and who knows she may just make a surprise appearance when you least expect it.

xo, MLM

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Book Review: Amy Atlas Sweet Designs

Hello Beauties

I am back from the most relaxing vacation.  I took a long weekend to unplug and get some much-needed R&R.  On the first night of my time off, I received Amy Atlas’ book, Sweet Design, from the UPS man.  I had been waiting to get my hands on it ever since I pre-ordered with Amazon. 

I was lucky enough to indulge my inner crafting goddess by reading 5 books total over my vacation: Amy Atlas- Sweet Designs; Handmade Weddings-Eunice Moyle, Sabrina Moyle and Shauna Faust; The DIY Bride- Khris Cochran; Push-up Pops, Courtney Dial Whitmore; Simply Divine Lisa Vanderpump.  I will begin a series of book reviews so stay tuned for these and new reviews each week.

Amy Atlas, Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft it, Style it

Amy Atals- Sweet Designs: Bake it, Craft it, Style it

This book is quite massive at 375 pages.  It has chapter after chapter filled with ideas for creating tablescapes.  The majority of the designs focus on the sweets table but a little imagination can inspire ideas for the whole party.  There are fourteen chapters that focus on a specific theme, such as Game Night (Ch.8), Pastel Pretty (Ch. 5), Honey, I Love you (Ch.7), and Vineyard Afternoon (Ch.12).  

Each chapter provides Amy’s initial inspiration for the tablescape, a Bake It section with a recipe for each home-made dessert featured, a Craft It section explaining how to create the DIY elements of the table (runners, backdrops, favor bags, etc) and a Style It section which explains how to pull everything together (use all ruffled elements, for example).  Plus, it offers ways to switch it up by making the beverages more adult or advising of a different color scheme that would work equally as well.  It also has advice on what to purchase pre-made (candies, cakes, decorations, etc.).  This book is a must have for anyone that loves bringing a wow factor to everyday events.

Vineyard Afternoon

Pastel Pretty

Amy Atlas includes a lot of great tips for creating a tablescape that is pleasing to the eye.  For example, use different heights and sizes for the vessels on the table.  Put the tallest containers in the back of the table so that it is easy for everyone to grab their treat.  Also, when styling your sweets table, be sure to use a few different textures to create an exciting experience.  For example, use light fluffy cotton candy, crystalized rock candy and gummy bears for the candy.  Then use, a textured table-cloth with a DIY streamer and pom backdrop. 


Amy Atlas hits it out of the park with her first book, Sweet Designs.  It is an instant classic and a must have for anyone that entertains in their home. 

 Have you picked up your copy of Sweet Designs?  What are your favorite chapters?

Style Me Pretty: Casa Romantica Beach Wedding

Hello Beauties

Casa Romantica

Style Me Pretty always showcases the most romantic weddings from around the country and today I am featuring a beautiful event that took place at the Southern California gem, Casa Romantica in San Clemente. 

The venue is a beautiful mix of Spanish influenced architecture and romantic gardens.  Casa Romantica sits atop a bluff with the Pacific Ocean in the background.  It is actually open to the public as a garden and can be visited year round for events such as a Fourth of July Spectacular or a student art exhibition.  I highly recommend taking a stroll around the grounds if you can.  There a ton of great places to eat and explore in the area as well.

Lush floral surrounding the fireplace