Mardi Gras Inspiration: Second Line Parade

Hello Beauties Mardi Gras is quickly approaching and I have always loved the tradition of a Second Line Parade.  This is when the Bride and Groom lead their guests (and even strangers) down the street in a raucous celebration.  There … Continue reading

Trend Alert: Colored Engagement Rings

Hello Beauties It is engagement season and there is always a lot of chatter about the latest engagement ring styles this time of year.  In the past, the cushion cut was most coveted, then we saw the pave halo make … Continue reading

Engagement Season Special Pricing

Hello Beauties

Engagement Season is in full swing and to celebrate I am offering reduced pricing on all of my services!  Over 26% of proposals happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day and I will be honoring my special pricing through the end of February.

I offer 3 packages: The Modern, The Luxurious and The Magical.  Each will be discounted by $300 dollars!!  Plus, If you mention this blog post I will throw in a Custom, Hand-Crafted paper banner to use at your engagement photo shoot (exciting, I know!) 

Be sure to check out my Services page to see which package would best fit your needs! 

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Style Me Pretty: Rustic Glamour

Hello Beauties I stumbled upon this beautiful wedding on Style Me Pretty this morning.  The wedding takes place on the bride’s property in New Hampshire and is filled with rustic glamour.  The wedding was a romantic fairy tale of handmade details.  The … Continue reading

Brides: Cannes Seaside Glamour Inspiration

Hello Beauties

Brides magazine recently underwent a modern transformation.  There is a subtle change in the font on the front cover and the layouts look so much fresher.  Brides website is also a hot spot for beautiful wedding inspiration with the same new look as the magazine.

Each month a new inspiration board is featured and I was so excited to see this month’s inspiration Hollywood Glamour in Cannes.  Cote de Azure is the most unpretentious, glamorous place I have ever been on Earth and I love the idea of using that as inspiration for your wedding day.

Cannes Modern Glamour Inspiration on Brides

Using a palette of vibrant orange, pink and green is a nod to the Art Deco style of the 1950’s, when the Cannes Film Festival was the place to launch a young starlets’ career.  Use the photos as an inspiration for your wedding day, your bridal shower or even your engagement party.

Use a postcard from as an invitation or save the date

Alvina Valenta Mermaid style Wedding Dress

Hot pink suede and red patent leather Louboutins’ are unexpected with a ball gown

Pop Rose Gold Bottles

Fresh caviar in the same color palette as your event

Red Anemones centerpiece

Jewels are a must have: whether they are real, fake or borrowed is up to you

A glistening crepe cake is modern

A beautiful red gown for the bridesmaid or mother of the bride

Remember to smile because the paparazzi are everywhere

Find the rest of the inspiration photos at

MLM Worldwide Event Planning is a preferred vendor on Brides!!

The Best Edible Favor: Macaroons

Hello Beauties

Every event should have a favor for the guests to take with them as a thank you for making the party enjoyable.  It can be a simple handwritten note at their place-setting or (my favorite) a delicious snack to savor on the ride home.

Macroons can be found in every color

My favorite favors are edible and my absolute favorite of all is a box of colorful and delicious macaroons (or macaron in French).  The crispy shell and the flavorful center are just magical in flavors like, raspberry, pistachio or even rose.  These delightful, almond based cookies originated in France but can now be purchased at many local bakeries.  My favorite shop, ‘lette (formerly Paulette’s) even offers overnight shipping.

Colorful Macaroon Tower

The chic cookie has a long history but for me the story begins in France, in a little bakery called, Laduree.  This world-famous bakery was founded in 1862 and continues to bake fresh Macarons in their shop each morning.  The shop celebrates each season with a new and exciting flavor combination, this season is Strawberry Candy.

Laduree Menu

There are so many colors available that it should quite easy to choose cookies in your color palette as guest favors.  I love wrapping them in a clear bag or box so that you can admire them before ripping the package open and devouring.

Three mini macaroons in a clear bag

Two Macaroons stacked in a modern gift box

Another option is having a buffet of macaroons so that the guest can try a lot of different flavors before choosing their own favorite.  These cookies are a crowd pleaser and would be wonderful favors at weddings, showers and birthday parties!

Have you ever had a Macaroon (Macaron)?  What are your favorite flavors? Is the Macaroon the new “It Dessert”? 

Build a Library Baby Shower

Hello Beauties

Reading has been my favorite hobby since I was a small child.  My mother would read to me every night and as I got older I continued to read every day.  I remember going to Target after school to get the latest Goosebumps, then stay up all night long with a little book lamp just to talk about it the next day with my girlfriends.  To me, reading was better then watching a movie because I got to decide how the actors would sound, what costumes they wore and create the scenery of the story. (I wanted to be the producer, director, writer and actor of every story in my head)

I know my love of reading was nurtured at a very young age so I thought a Build a Library Baby Shower would be the perfect way to share that love of reading with my future baby . (Yes, I sit around and dream about parties that I may/ or may not have in the future.)  There is really great inspiration out there for a Library Shower, with my favorite on Amelie’s House.  She originally published the story for  her child’s birthday party but so many of the elements could work for a baby shower, as well. 

A Wreath made from book pages welcomes guests

A Library Checkout Card serves as the Invitation

Use Book Pages for the Food Presentation Wrap Pages Around Drink Bottles and make Cones for the Snacks

Create a Pinata made out of Book Pages Or Leave it empty and use as Decor

Use Children's Books as elements on the Dessert Table

A Stack of books make the Cake the centerpiece of the dessert table

After the Party the lucky baby will have one stocked Library!

I would have the guest’s sign the inside cover of a children’s book to act as the guest book.  It would be even more special if it was a book the mother read as a child.  An engraved bookmark would make a great favor as well.  What were your favorite books as a child?  Do you have any other ideas for a Build a Library Baby Shower?  I  would love to hear your thoughts!

Signature Cocktail: Girls Night Out

Hello Beauties

It is Friday and that means Girls Night Out!  I will be hitting the town with my girlfriends to celebrate 2 birthdays this evening.  With our jobs, relationships and kids, our girl’s nights aren’t every weekend like they were in college, but when everyone gets together it is well worth the wait. 

First stop is my girlfriend’s townhouse for appetizers, cocktails and giggles.  Then it is off to Tantalum in Long Beach, CA for dinner at 9pm.  Tantalum is a sexy restaurant right on the water and it feels like you are on an exotic vacation while there.  It is a great venue and would work well for engagement parties and bridal showers.

The entryway and lounge area at Tantalum Restaurant in Long Beach, CA

It seems like everyone I know has a go-to cocktail.  I love a fresh, crisp glass of white wine when socializing.  I always want to try the new and exciting, specialty cocktail but it is often too strong for my tastes. 

What is your signature cocktail?  Do you usually order a beer or try something different each time?

Style Me Pretty: Vintage Love Story

Hello Beauties

This has been a very long week for me. Between my day job and last minute details for the wedding I’m coordinating this weekend, I was ready to get lost in some beautiful weddings.  Lucky for me, Style Me Pretty had just what I needed, a gorgeous wedding in Montecito with a Vintage Love Story theme.

Sonia from XOXO Bride was the creative genius behind the entire day.  She helped pull together all of the vintage elements from the antique desks to the herb garden favors. NLC Productions created all of the luxurious floral arrangements and Amelia Lyon Photography took all of the magical photos.

Be sure to enter the Custom Banner Giveaway