Why You Should Hire a Videographer

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The wedding day happens so quickly and having a video to watch always helps my clients remember those fleeting but significant moments.  I have a very special guest post by Lindsey from George Street Photo and Video on why everyone should hire a video team for their big day.

Why You Should Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding

It’s safe to say that at one point or another, we’ve all gathered around the television and watched our parents’ wedding videos. From their dated hairstyles to the looks of pure joy on their faces, this priceless document can transport you back in time and make you feel as though you were actually witnessing your loved ones take their first steps into marriage!

Now that you’re engaged, you may be wondering if a wedding video is the right thing for you. Whether you opt for a full-length document or a reel showing the finest highlights, making the choice to hire a videographer could be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding!

Real-Time Memories: Although you’ve endured 12 months of planning, the actual day of your wedding will probably be a whirlwind. And while you’ll reflect on the event through your photo album, images only allow you to view single moments in time. Fortunately, a wedding video will give you an extended recording of every moment, including audio. So, remember the sweet speech your father gave at the reception? You’ll be able to hear and see that memory in real-time!

Social Shareability: Whether it’s your sweet childhood friends or your fun-loving college roommate, a wedding video can give friends and family who couldn’t make it to the event the chance to share in each timeless moment without physically being there.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have ideal capabilities for sharing your wedding video with family, friends and other members of your social network, so they can relive the day right along with you!

Coordinate for Complete Coverage: On their own, both photography and videography are incredible for capturing memories from your wedding. But, the fusion of the two mediums results in beautiful, comprehensive coverage you’ll treasure for a lifetime! By encouraging the two parties to work in tandem, you can coordinate effectively and receive complete coverage of the entire event in both photo and video format.

Reflect on Every Moment: Above all, your wedding video will stand as a living document of the day, picking up the little moments you may have missed. The part of the reception when your grandparents shared a slow dance, the tearful expression on your mother’s face as your father gave you away — these tiny, yet significant, moments will all be captured on your video, just as they happened on the day of your wedding!

If you make the decision to invest in a videographer for your wedding, remember to practice due diligence when researching potential candidates. Find out what you’re looking for in terms of the video editing and shooting style, and spend time viewing the work in your potential videographer’s portfolio. By using these benchmarks, you’ll find a videographer who can provide the aesthetic you’re looking for and a final product you’ll be proud to show off! Check out George Street Photo & Video for more information on our fantastic videographers.

Are you planning on hiring a Videographer on your wedding day?  Be sure to contact George Street Photo and Video for a wonderful experience on your wedding day! 

MLM Event Design: Plunge Into Change

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The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance – Alan Watts

Well, I have been a bit absent over the last few months but I promise you I am back!  A lot has changed for me recently and the biggest is that I have just made the exciting move to fabulous Las Vegas!!  It’s been a whirlwind over the last month while my super amazing boyfriend received the opportunity to take over a judicial clerkship position in Clark County, Nevada.  He found out about the position and then began working with the judge in less than 2 weeks!  I absolutely had to make the move with him, so here I am, sitting in our adorable 2 bedroom apartment, dreaming up all of the amazing thrift store finds we will discover over the next few months.

I feel so blessed for this opportunity to focus on my career.  The move happened so quickly, so I wasn’t able to find a new day job before I left my previous position at Wiley Valentine.  This means that I am getting in touch with my inner domestic goddess (so stay tuned for my latest project MLM Hearth, which will be my tips for creating a Modern, Luxurious and Magical home), cranking up my work outs (check out MLM Healthy for tips on leading a healthier lifestyle) and focusing on building my event and floral design business, MLM Event Design. 

There is that moment in time where it seems like the stagnant air is suffocating you until, everything changes in the blink of an eye and those moments that seemed to drag into eternity are nothing but a faint memory.  So, I am plunging into this crazy change filled time and dancing my ass off! 

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